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„Next Generation Scholarships“ für Doktoranden



MODUL University Vienna bietet „Next Generation Scholarships“ für Doktoranden an.

MODUL University strives for passing on knowledge and introducing new colleagues into the world of academic science. We want to foster the options of the next generations through innovative research that addresses the needs of the economy and society of the upcoming generations, conducted by its young academic members themselves. The forward-looking topics refer to research focuses of our interdisciplinary faculty with an immediate application to the needs of industry and society. The topics cover the range from the societal to the individual level, and bridge the gap between various scientific areas such as economics and business, social and political sciences, and psychology.

Full details of the scholarships are available online.

For more information, or to apply for PhD scholarships, please contact Prof. Ivo Ponocny, Dean of the PhD program, at ivo.ponocny(at)modul.ac(dot)at.